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Leaves & Leaven

 . . . a little glimpse of heaven!

Two Crusts
Regular and steamed crusts
My first successful sandwich bread
First time using a turkey roaster
Getting a little fancy!
Delicious & Nutritious Click above for instructions

-There may never be a better time-

Preserve their memory now!


At Leaves and Leaven we believe there is a bit of magic in the world about us.  Thus in the name alone, we have put two seemingly unrelated matter, together. We’d like to show just how related they, and all things can be. We hope you enjoy what you see, and  come back to visit us often!


As children, we generally first learn to crawl, then walk, then climb. Anyone who has ever reached the top of a mountain, after a strenuous climb, understands the thrill of that victory. May we never stop challenging ourselves, by climbing, new heights; physically, mentally, and spiritually! 


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