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Would make a great gift-Get your frames ready

The jpeg file we create for you to print will look great in a thin black, gold or light wood gallery style 12X12 frame. Or a 10X10  white or light wood frame, if you choose to trim away the white border.

The Anthony style $30

The Anthony is designed using the classic Bodoni style font, ready for framing. 

One jpeg file – of your photos, chosen name, class, and dates. Please see faq’s below before ordering.

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We recommend Printing Services. Presently $3.99 for a 12″X12″ color print. And $0.39 for a 5″X5″, you can use as your proof, to test out a printing service. We recognize there are other, just not ones we have used.

The emily style $30

The Emily is branded with the classic font style Baskerville, ready for framing.

One jpeg file – of your photos, chosen name, class, and dates. Please see faq’s below before ordering.

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We welcome customer input on our comment page for other frames and photo printing services that you find pair nicely with our design services! 

Simply Shauna style $25

The Simply Shauna, is just what the name implies, because some prefer a more simple design. Pictured here, ready for framing.

One jpeg file – of your photos, chosen name, class, and dates. Please see faq’s below before ordering.

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Simply the Best!


You are purchasing design services. You will receive one jpeg file, ready for you to take or send to your favorite place for printing.

I can’t answer that question, but would like to invite you to read, and particularly pay attention to  “fair use” section here:

  • When you purchase our services, we will assume you have the right to use the photo files you provide. Other than positioning, and resizing, we do not touch up, nor change your photo file.  Thankfully many photographers today offer digital photo packages, which help make this a non issue!

Upon completion of payment, please send your desired 13 photos, named using year, subject, and grade for desired placement in final design.





cont. to 2016_Emily_Kay_Class_2017

Pictures are generally taken the beginning of the school year, which is why the senior picture will not be the same year as the graduation year. At your option, you may date them as you wish, and may not even want a date at all. If you’re unsure about how to scan your photos. Here are some general rules. Keep in mind, the better your scans are, the better quality your finished product will be.

Please do not pay, until your jpeg files are ready to email to us. Once payment is made, you can email your files as an attachment to For your convenience the same email address is also listed on the contacts page. Upon receipt of your files, we will send  confirmation with our anticipated completion date!

We are presently looking at less than a one-week window, and will update here, if that time window changes. We will email you, if there is a problem with the uploaded jpeg files you have provided.

Glad you asked! Chances are someone else may have the same question. Please use our contact form to clearly state your question in detail, and we will get back to you soon! Or if you prefer, locate and send us a personal email.

How Tragedy turned to triumph

I hope this project has inspired you to preserve your special photos, even if you don’t choose to use our services! Pictured above; the roots of a long thought of dream. This Service; is what grew from it. Each square associated with loving memories, or little glimpses of our heaven on earth!

This project began 20+ years ago, with these really cute frames, and a visualization of how they would look, filled and hanging in our kitchen, where they could be looked at often.

After design courses, cobwebs were swept away, and the project tackled head on! Finished at last, each frame was carefully cleaned, and pictures inserted.  Until the fourth; a piece of it broke clean off! Carefully it was pieced  back together, but tears were near when the final fifth frame literally began crumbling apart. 

After a search of the internet, and not finding the same likeness in frames or templates, it was then I became distraught, even forgetting I’d also created a design that didn’t need the sectioned frames.

The mishap above was shared with our oldest daughter, who excitedly said, “Mom, now you can use the new design you made!” 

This website; was but another dream that took roots from a market analysis assignment in Marketing 250, because I learned a sales model business site is a better learning experience than an affiliate site. More so, since I was able to choose a product I felt passionate about!

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