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What would you wish for a child you loved? Providing you could only choose one, what would it be; that they be safe, or that they be strong? We may never know the depth of someone else’s hardship, the thing that prompted them to do, that one good thing. This Grow & Rise page is dedicated for the re-telling of events that induced growth, and/or have lifted the heart.  We hope you find our Grow & Rise page uplifting, and come back again. Please enjoy!

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stay tuned. . .

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"You Don't Know Me, But I Like to Bake cakes. . . ."

i didn't know how I could be strong for my daughter . . .

She knew she could, so she did. . . .

 When my first daughter was born, my husband and I were new to the area, and didn’t know very many people yet. However; I will always remember the kindness of one stranger, even though it has been over 37 years ago, I still can’t share this story without getting teary eyed; even in writing it now.

    Upon settling in, after returning from the hospital, there was a knock at the door. I remember my husband and I looking at one another in confusion, as we weren’t expecting anyone. 

    My husband went to the door, and I could hear the voice of a woman, from around the corner. “You don’t know me, but I like to bake cakes!” I remember coming from my hiding place, so I could meet this woman. There she stood, holding a very delicious looking chocolate cake in her hands! 

    She went on, something like this, “I heard you just had a baby, and I wanted to do something, and I knew that you would likely be having company, so thought it would be nice for you to have something to offer them, when they came.” 

     It was such a selfless thing for someone to do; let alone a stranger!

                              by Shirley Christensen


We don’t believe you will ever regret the time you spend teaching a child something worthwhile, like making bread!

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