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This website & services are a work in progress and originated from a Marketing course, (explained in video above, please change speed to 2x, as I'm not a fast talker! lol) I love learning, and would love to hear constructive feedback from viewers like you!

Why the name Leaves and Leaven- two seemingly unrelated matter?

There are actually a lot of similarities.

MY PASSION of learning  healthier ways of eating and healing, began with dandelions and sourdough bread. Thus grew the name Leaves and Leaven, and growing to serve you!

LEAVES: The Manichee religion from the 3rd and well into the 14th century, believed that plants had bits of light, that were freed from bondage into the body when eaten.

The benefits of eating live plant matter, increases with the more that is learned about them. Perhaps because it could be it is a once known truth. A twist here is that they believed it to be true only when consumed by their elect. A sign that parts of this truth were manipulated over time, causing it to lose integrity.

LEAVEN: In teaching my grandson’s to make sourdough bread,  I explained how the yeast works to raise the dough. Nine-year old Liam’s eyes widened, as he made a connection with his learning  “It’s like how when we learn something, we grow bigger inside!” 

Jesus taught:“The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven,”but cautioned “Beware of the leaven of the Sadducees and Pharisees.” Liam recognized a principle;  knowledge leads to growth. Since making bread with leaven was a part of everyday life, it was more easily understood, and remembered! More important to remember is that Jesus cautioned that knowledge be from correct sources.

 Perhaps a literal meaning exists for Revelations 22:12.           “. . .and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”

Shirley Christensen

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